Hi, I'm Joanne of The Joanne Weaver Group.

Thanks for stopping by. Let's get acquainted, shall we?

I've long believed that the interactive world is a truly unique place to be: it's continually reshaping the way that people live their lives, radically changing the way people communicate, and creating communities and connections in ways that alter the fabric of our everyday lives.

That's why I started The Joanne Weaver Group---to pay homage to an industry where I got my own start 10 years ago, and to help people with a similar sense of adventure and curiosity achieve their dreams.

I believe that the reason I've been a successful recruiter lies in the particular set of strengths I bring to the table, namely:

  • A decade of in-the-trenches experience in the digital design industry, where I've accrued a successful track record placing top talent in key roles in a variety of industries, across a variety of disciplines.
  • The understanding of the importance of hiring nothing but the best and brightest people to create a happy, healthy, effective, and "legendary" culture, and how that positively impacts not only a company's bottom line but the colleagues' quality of life as well.
  • The extensive expertise I developed in-house at Avenue A | Razorfish as their national UX talent scout.
  • Rewarding relationships with clients ranging from powerhouse F1000 giants to small, funky, high-end design shops.
  • The trust that I enjoy from both my clients and candidates for doing good work for them and delivering on expectations.
  • The strong network of interactive professionals across the nation that I've created over the years: I am adept at meeting new people, making new connections and identifying new opportunities along the way.
  • The trained eye to spot a great resume and portfolio among the flow of candidates, and the savvy to work with these top candidates effectively and rewardingly.

I would appreciate the opportunity to open up a dialogue with you, be you an employer or jobseeker, so that we may determine together how The Joanne Weaver Group could help you achieve your dreams.

Kind regards,