Allow us to introduce ourselves! We are President Joanne Weaver and Recruiting Manager Rebecca Levi, two digital mavens with over a decade each of experience in the digital industry.

We meld Spock-like logic and Kirk-like passion to everything we do. We pride ourselves on the reputation we’ve built since we opened our doors in 2007, and we’ve earned it because we take the time to nurture and grow our connections with talent and clients alike, and stay abreast of the latest digital trends and technology.

All of this enables us to partner with you as trusted collaborators, bringing you excellence, thoroughness, transparency, and a shared sense of commitment to your business.

We help you with your “pain areas”

Let's face it: finding well-suited candidates takes time, energy, and resources, which often runs in short supply in our fast-paced world. That’s why you’re here, right? We kick off a search by first gleaning a full understanding of your business and your needs, and then we fly swiftly into action. We don’t overload you with extraneous resumes to sort through, hoping that one hits the mark. We only send relevant, high-quality candidates, who have been fully screened and qualified, and who we strongly believe fit your specifications, in order to save you time and effort. Time is precious in this lightning-speed market, and we respect yours.

Our strategic relationship with our clients

We really enjoy doing what we do, and we LOVE to roll up our sleeves and jump in the trenches with you! We invest time upfront to really get to know the nitty gritty of your job requirements, your overall business landscape, and that sometimes hard-to-define culture of your company. Our clients appreciate the value-add we provide, including insights into what motivates each candidate, where they are in their job search, market intelligence about what skills and trends are “hot” within the industry as a whole, and current salary ranges for various disciplines and job levels. We collaborate with and transparently communicate with you as your trusted partner throughout the process.

The companies we work with

We work with companies in the digital space including user-centered design studios, mobile service design firms, well-funded start-ups, midsized interactive shops, global digital agencies, established client-side companies, and beyond. We work with organizations large and small, to either help you find someone for a key role, some contract help during a big project, or an entire fulltime team from the ground up.

The talent we work with

We specialize in placing professionals within UX (Interaction Design and Content Strategy), Creative (Visual Design and Copy), and Project Management, on a fulltime, temp-to-perm, and freelance basis. We work on searches at all levels from Junior to VP. Our expertise focuses on recruiting for complex, transactional, and cross-platform work across web, mobile, tablet, and “beyond the browser” work including iTV and touchscreen displays.

How we find our candidates

Personal referrals are our bread and butter, and it’s how we find the vast majority of our candidates. We have a sizable network of professional contacts that continues to grow, year after year, which we draw upon for trusted referrals. We are an active and respected part of the local UX and creative communities, where we continually meet both industry veterans and up-and-coming talent.

Our relationship with our candidates

We’re all about the longterm relationship (the “LTR”)! We really take the time to nurture and grow our relationships with our job-seeking candidates, sometimes over many years, and we often hear from them that we do a particularly excellent job of making them feel respected, listened to, understood, and supported. They return the love to us with a consistent stream of high-quality referrals, and they trust us to take care of their friends as well as we’ve taken care of them.